Starting A WordPress Website Is Easy

image001-4There are many Content Management System (CMS) available online. Among all, WordPress is considered as best due to its excellent reliability, security and ease of use. Today, most web developers use CMS platform for creating a robust website for various businesses. If you have been looking for some effective tips for starting a WordPress blog, you have landed at a right place. This article will provide a guide for creating a WordPress website in simple steps.

First, you need to choose a domain name for your website. You can choose a domain name of your choice. However, you cannot choose a name which is already taken by others. You have to choose a domain that is easy to read and understand by the humans and search engines. There are four elements in a domain namely, top-level domain, root domain, subdomains and subfolder.

The top-level domain, shortly called as TLD refers to the end of the domain. For example, .com, .uk, .info are the examples of top-level domain. It is always better to choose .com because it is easy recognized by the people all over the world. The root domain is the name that appears before the TLD. If your website name is, then WordPress refers to the root domain. Unlike TLD, you will have better control over choosing a root domain. You may not choose a root name that is already registered. However, you can buy them.

Subdomains appear before the root domain. For example in,, the sub is the sub domain. You may create as many domains as you wish for a root domain. Subfolders appear after the TLD. For example After you have selected a domain name, you need to choose a right hosting package. There are many hosting companies that offer a special package for WordPress hosting.

After you have registered a domain and purchased a hosting packing, you have to link the domain to the nameservers of your host. By doing this, the domain name is connected to the server. You can do this from the domain’s control panel. Next process is uploading the WordPress to your hosting account. For this process, you need to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Next, you have to create a database for your WordPress website. The database provides space for storing the data such as content, comments, etc. You can create a database using the host’s control panel. You need to choose a good theme for your WordPress account. Themes are not just about colors and designs, but more than that. You need to choose a theme that can reflect your attitude or blog’s contents. A good theme makes more people to visit your blog.

There are many WordPress tutorial for beginners available on the Internet. You can see each tutorial providing different tips and tricks for starting a WordPress website. Remember that WordPress has been rapidly evolving with the time. WordPress is becoming easier to use for the website owners and the end users. You have to check the latest news from WordPress to know the latest updates. You can subscribe to WordPress newsletters to receive the updates directly to your mailbox.

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