Blog Traffic – A Dream Of A Blogger

blog-trafficThese days it is not difficult to create a blog. Everyone can be a blogger if you have a flair for writing. For those who want to be a blogger, you can check blogs like On Blast which gives you the complete study of how to start a blog? You can get a lot of designs and domains from Once a person turns to be a blogger, the next thing he wants would be the blog traffic. It is a dream of every blogger to get enough blog traffic so that it can help them in getting more social shares. Here are some points which will help you in getting more blog traffic.

Use The Power Of Social Media
Social Medias of today can help you get more shares of your post. It is the social media only who gets connected with the people worldwide. If you write the blog with easy and simple language that even a common man can understand your post will become viral.

Be A Member Of Q & A Groups
In a Question and Answer group, you can find questions relating to your post, and you can answer them or even provide a link to your blog. By doing this, people will notice you and will check your blog.

Publish Your Content In LinkedIn
Get into LinkedIn groups and publish your content by giving a direct link to your blog. Or you can get to know people, interact with them and request them to share your blog with their friends.

Research On Communities Or Groups
You can share your content with relevant communities or group. For instance, if you have written a blog on cooking you can very well add your link as a comment in the group.

There are some duties you also need to perform to get readers for your blog.

Put An Eye Catchy Title

A title is the first thing that eyes see when you first read a post. So be intelligent to add a good title, and it will generate more views.

Interlink The Articles To Each Other
It is a good idea to interlink your articles. For example, you have written a blog about a current issue. About the same issue, you have written an articles weeks before. So you can connect these articles by giving both the links and this will make the viewer spend more time on your blog.

One On One With Celebrities
If you can, it will be good if you add an interview with a celebrity or a famous personality on your blog. That person will share your link, and you can get more readers as well.

Be Open To All Feedbacks
It is not necessary that all you hear about your blog should be good and great news. There will always be a critic who will find problems with everything.

Get your story in any magazine
Most of the famous magazines accept a freelancer’s article. So find them and try to publish your content in the magazine. This step will help people to search for you and your blog if the content is interesting.

Not to forget, if you have a good article, good blog, People will surely reach you.

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